Science is more important today than ever before – there is no longer any real doubt that our planet is facing problems that can only be solved in the long term by the next generation of leaders, scientists and policy makers.. but how do we empower this generation to take on the ultimate challenge?

It’s time for a new voyage of the Beagle.

  • To take a traditional tall ship round the world to promote science as exciting, on-going, modern, and inspiring to young people via active participation of voyages and expeditions
  • To document and live broadcast outreach activities via traditional and new generation media communications to broadcast media and a new schools network.
  • To create and operate a new international online schools collaboration network for teachers and students with real time educational content plus active international field expeditions.
  • To develop an international showcase education science outreach base and operate international exchange schools expeditions in Chile, in conjunction with Fundación Beagle (CL).
  • To create an ongoing legacy for the City of Bristol to the world of science and natural history media, communications and technology innovation, engineering and commercial marine heritage.

It must be emphasised that, although the Beagle3 project is initially identified with the first two-year global voyage, it is a long term initiative for which the initial voyage will raise awareness.