Global Sites

The core of the Beagle3 projects will be run from Bristol, UK, but the project is global in its reach and the international aspects will be integrated into local communities. To that end, the main objectives of the international outreach will be complemented and managed at a more local level by independent in-country organisations, liaising with Beagle3 in Bristol.

Local organisations will be much more efficiently connected with their respective area’s local communities and prospective educational outreach projects, though they will benefit by association with the Beagle3 “International” umbrella initiative.

On the original voyage of HMS Beagle, Darwin, Fitzroy and the crew spent a considerable proportion of the time in South America, and indeed Darwin’s experiences in Chile underpinned much of his later thinking. Because of this, the liaison with Chile is fully operational and we are already looking at developing similar arrangements with Argentina and Brazil.

In Australia, we have already established strong interest from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and we are actively investigating links into educational publishing and distribution.

South Africa
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