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Who? Undergraduate students, Teachers, Student Society and Clubs
From where? Schools, Colleges, Pre-University Institutes
Subjects: Life Sciences, Technology, Communications, Earth Sciences, Mathematics,  Media, Science and Art, Music collaboration

Beagle3 Schools Network Description


Beagle3 Schools Network is an international schools network which is a linked, collaborative and an interactive network for both students and teachers where bespoke subjects and themes relevant to a range of curricular studies, incorporating actions and locations become an invaluable source for studies.

Beagle3 Schools Network Checklist


  • Schools and Colleges
  • Students and Teachers
  • School 2 School / Locale  2 Locale
  • Real time interaction with presenters
  • Continually updated content and course material

“The whole of science, and one is tempted to think the whole of the life of any thinking man, is trying to come to terms with the relationship between yourself and the natural world. Why are you here, and how do you fit in, and what’s it all about.”

Sir David Attenborough OM CH CVO CBE FRS FLS FZS FSA

Beagle Schools Network

Empowering the next generation to change the world

By engaging with local communities – schools, universities and educational outreach activity groups – the excitement of science will come alive in practical, hands-on activities that will include direct, live interaction with the ship and with other communities via the Beagle Schools Network, a global schools’ network that will bring teachers and students together. And, as Darwin’s exploration led to the publication of On the Origin of Species, Beagle3 will lead to “On the Future Of Species”.

A linked, collaborative and interactive network for students and teachers alike, centred on subjects and themes relevant to curricular studies, incorporating actions, locations, and new voyages of discovery of Beagle3. A network where:

  • both students and teachers have access to new, updated material (written, audio, graphic and video) to complement class lecture planning and learning.
  • subjects, locations, class themes can be bespoke requested to be included according to the ship’s location and planned activities. A school, or a group of schools, following the same subject material will have their roaming science assistant, on location, to include reports and special content for their specific classroom needs.

To generate a digital web-based communication platform linking in real time schools with the ship and shore-based activities

  • A web-based platform (PC, Mobile App and New media channel options)
  • Individual participating schools, sub-networked schools (depending on location or subjects or language), class groups or sub-networked class groups (depending on location or subjects or language), all identified and able to have access to their own relevant on-line educational content (archived, real-time and virtual presence).

To generate a source of real-time virtual participation content experiences available on request, remotely initiated and with direct real time participation from classrooms:

  • Using the latest digital formats and new generation communications, direct collaborative participation with on-board (or ashore) activities.
  • Content material published to the schools’ specific web-based presence – or contributed to the ever increasing pool of new and continually updated curricular based material or data.

To generate motivational ongoing on-line educational outreach experiences using a small team of young peer graduate science presenters:

  • With science needing to be exciting to reach out to new younger inspired audiences, apart from using new media communication options, a team of “faces” will bring locations and bespoke subjects and experiences direct to classrooms.
  • These presenters will develop social media following and rapport with students.

Involvement of schools with planning and participation of Beagle3 schools expeditions:

  • Ongoing schools field expeditions are important for incrementing the collaboration and participation of the content and data generation for the on-line resources.
  • Through competitions, content proposals, loyalty schemes, and both paid and grant participation of teachers and students, Beagle3 schools expeditions will provide real adventure and learning experiences.