On The Future of Species...

International Schools Beagle Network


Who? Undergraduate students, Teachers, Student Society and Clubs
From Where? Schools, Colleges, Pre-University Institutes
Subjects: Life Sciences, Technology, Communications, Earth Sciences, Mathematics,  Media, Science and Art, Music collaboration

What is Beagle 3?


Beagle3 is a unique, prestigious, global science outreach project, centred around the Beagle and Darwin because evolution underpins half of modern science, from pharmaceuticals to farming, from molecular biology to ecosystem conservation. Yet evolution is often misunderstood which can hinder discussions and decisions on current scientific issues.

Science Checklist


  • On-board experiments that show the scientific method in action
  • Gathering of ‘big data’ through collaborative schools network
  • Gathering of data from ship’s journey
  • Students to design experiments that they would carry out using the ship and data collection
  • Field expeditions providing real adventure and learning experiences

“Man is descended from a hairy, tailed quadruped, probably arboreal in its habits.”

Charles Darwin

Beagle3 Ambassadors

“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science.”
Charles Darwin

The project will be fronted by selected Ambassadors, young scientists, researchers or enthusiastic science communicators of roughly the same age as Darwin on his voyage, role models for their own and younger generations, operating at the major locations that Beagle 3 will visit. They will be supported by expert Mentors, consultants who are leaders in their own fields.

Applications for Beagle3 Ambassadors will be available late 2018. Initial interviews will be conducted in April 2019.

Beagle3 Ambassadors will be selected through a process based on the application, two letters of reference (one personal, one professional), a panel interview, a pre-recorded 2 minute presentation video and an on-camera live Q&A audition.

We will be looking for an initial group of 6 Beagle3 Ambassadors to front various media opportunities, be “presenter role models” for the Beagle Schools Network, travel with the ship and participate in expeditions, events and outreach activities.